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The travel blogosphere is a huge place, and there are many excellent resources to refer to in order to get a complete education on the art and science of travel.

Listed below are some sites well worth checking out and bookmarking …. have fun and enjoy!


Stop Having A Boring Life – Rob quit his job in Ottawa back in 2009, sold everything, and set out on an open-ended tour of the globe.  Since then,he has harnessed the power of the internet in order to travel and earn a living at the same time.  This blog is written in the style of a day-to-day narrative of what happens on his travels, rather than just being another “things to do in ….” publication, like some sites tend to be these days.


Nomadic Samuel – Samuel Jeffery, after emerging from four long years at university, did the exact opposite of many of his peers in his position … he hit the open road in search of adventure instead of plunging head first into the rat race.  The result has been a plethora of amazing experiences, from teaching English as a second language to exploring far-off lands.  Sam now travels around the world and blogs about it in a witty, irreverent fashion, and he shoots informative videos on his destinations to compliment his writings.


That Backpacker – Audrey Bergner left Canada to teach English in South Korea, and in doing so, started the travel Blog That Backpacker.  Presently chronicling her travels throughout Southeast Asia and beyond, publishing articles related to teaching English as a second language, as well as other articles that are highly useful for the long-term traveler, Audrey is a rapidly rising name in the travel blog space, especially in conjunction with the BackpackingTravelTV Youtube channel she runs with her partner in crime, Nomadic Samuel, and with the articles that she writes for well-known travel sites, Travel and Escape and the Matador Network.

poe_bortotraitbio (English site, also available in Italian) – This site is an amazing atlas of travel intelligence, from electrical plugs, to passport info and visa requirements, the Italian couple that put this website together put some serious work into it.  Trip reports are in classic HTML and not in WordPress format, so there are no avenues available to leave comments that I am aware of, but still, this comprehensive page is still worth checking out!


The Travelling Squid – An explorer from Singapore that fell in love with India on her first international trip at the tender age of 19, Phoebe has had a broad range of experience that include being exposed to below zero weather when washing her hair (not a minor experience from something accustomed to the tropics) to surviving every traveller’s worst nightmare – a bedbug attack!  Follow here at the link above for a view of the world as experienced by a young Singaporean woman!

photo by CC user Christopher Michel on Flickr

NZ Holiday Guide – Taking a trip to the Land of the Long White Cloud soon? This informative travel site contains all the info you need to make informed decisions when planning your trip to New Zealand.


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