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My First Full Year As A Digital Nomad: 2014 In Pictures

photo by CC user 70626035@N00 on Flickr image credit: photo by CC user 70626035@N00 on Flickr

Well, we’re halfway through January, but with all the freelance work I’ve been bashing my way through, this year in review had to wait for awhile. ┬áIn many ways, 2014 was defined by the growth of my mobile business, which caused this blog to be neglected at times ( Mama’s been busy, but I still love you all … sorry!).

In true digital nomad fashion though, I managed to get in tons of travel between the ever frequent 12 hour work days (the less glamorous aspect of the trade), starting in Chiang Mai, Thailand on New Year’s Day and progressing through Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico and Belize.

Photo: Ocean Swells Batter The Coast, Nova Scotia Canada

Optimized-hpim0416Storm driven surf batters the coast near Grand Etang, Nova Scotia, Canada

Recently, I’ve seen a number of posts on my home province of Nova Scotia Canada, and I can’t help but add to the buzz surrounding my deeply beautiful yet forgotten about province. While the Canadian Rockies, the BC mountains, and the urban superstars of Central Canada suck up all the attention of travel professionals, Nova Scotia, and her Atlantic siblings – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, show their subtle yet seductive beauty to the trickle of visitors that cross the imaginary line where many people assume Canada has ended and a no man’s land of nothingness exists.