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jamesshannon_biophoto_pursuitofexcitementYour intrepid adventurer, after an excursion to Koh Phi Phi Leh, back in February 2011.

What Is The Pursuit Of Excitement?

The Pursuit of Excitement is a blog that promotes the notion of designing your life around the things that quicken your pulse, make you sit up straight in your chair when you read about them, and make you bound out of bed in the morning revved up and ready to go!

While there are many hobbies, careers, and life paths that will achieve this for many people, the initial focus of this blog will be on global travel and adventure sports.  If you know of an excitement-generating topic that you would love to see covered, please connect with me and tell me all about it!

Who Is James Shannon?

James, blogger and avid adventure seeker, decided in 2009 to pursue his dreams, renouncing the default plan of society (i.e. get an expensive education, get a job you hate, get up to your eyeballs in mortgage debt, and then retire with a pension that may or may not be there for you 40 years from now) in favour of his own plan, on his own terms.  Having escaped a career path that he fell into out of college,  James is pursuing the aspects of life he once thought of as escapes from reality, aiming to make them reality.

 Current adventure (as of February 2013): Obtain employment as an ESL teacher in South Korea, and then change the lives of some Korean youngsters, while using the Republic of Korea as my base to begin exploring East Asia (Korea, Japan, China, etc).


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