Photo: Monkey Business In Lopburi Thailand

Get up to some monkey business In Lopburi Thailand during your Southeast Asian backpacking tripA new simian friend hangs out with me on the bars of the Monkey Temple, in the centre of the Old City in Lopburi, Thailand

It’s easy to breeze past all of North Central Thailand if you don’t have an interest in ruins/temples. Between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, there are a few cities that have ruins that will interest the archaeology buffs among us, but for those looking for highlights in other areas, inquiries into the area comes up pretty thin.

This is when it pays to take a leap of faith and get off the beaten track. Textbook example: Lopburi, Thailand. Hands up if you ever heard of this place before. Unless you’ve scoured the internet for every bit of info on Thailand, or read your Lonely Planet guide from cover to cover, chances are you haven’t.

It does help to try and find whatever information you can about these places, though. Hmmm, Lopburi? A city overrun by monkeys? They’ll steal food and other objects (like your camera) right out of your hands? Sounds like a time! Off to Monkeytown we go!

As it turns out, unless you’re remarkably unaware of your surroundings, you’ll be fine here. Walk among them and they won’t swarm you (unless you have food obviously). Except for a few aggressive alpha males, they are largely harmless, and even in the case of those guys, just keep your distance and they won’t bother you. As you will find out, the monkey business in Lopburi Thailand is a totally cool thing to witness.

Their antics are adorable, and the babies are oooh, so cute!

Any monkey tales to share from the road? Tell us about our encounter with your genetic cousins below!

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