In Motion: A Sneak Preview Of The Land Of The Morning Calm, South Korea!

A street in South Korea ... crazy eh?
Your intrepid adventurer will be walking streets in South Korea like this one in a mere three weeks … can’t hardly wait!

As I have alluded to previous posts recently, I have a date with South Korea shortly, in roughly three and a half weeks from the time of this post. There, I will be teaching English as a second language to a bunch of precocious Korean youngsters, and I am pumped to be a position to make an impact in their lives.

As well, I will afforded the opportunity to explore a new country in depth over the course of a full year, with the possibility of getting fleeting glimpses of neighbouring nations (Japan, China, Taiwan, etc) on my winter and summer breaks (both a full week each). I am thrilled to say the least!

And so, in order to give you a five star preview of what awaits, I present to you a video NOT made by me (though I hope to have half of this guy’s talent someday soon). Despite its third-party origins, it is a gorgeous, breathtaking view into the Land of the Morning Calm. It played no small role in convincing me to commit to South Korea for a year, and I have no doubt that it will give you the urge to book a ticket to Seoul ASAP, North Korean warmongering be damned!

Check it out below … be sure to click the full screen icon for best viewing (to the right of the HD icon, and the left of the Vimeo icon)!

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