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Vegas of the East: Top Casinos To Hit In Macau


When looking for gambling in the Western Hemisphere, Las Vegas is definitely the best choice. On the other hand, when looking for the best casinos in the Eastern Hemisphere, you should direct your appetite for risk taking to the island of Macau.

Formerly a colony of Portugal, this hotspot for casinos is now a special administrative region within China. While it is ruled by the world’s most populous nation, it is allowed to set rules that have grown one of the largest and best known clusters of casino gambling in the East.

Around 8 years ago, Macau was able to surpass Las Vegas with the largest annual gambling revenue. It has maintained its position ever since, as Macau has added countless excellent casinos, of which there are a few that should not be missed.

The MGM Macau is one of the best casinos in Macau. It was built by the same developers who built the MGM Grand in Vegas. Actually, this is a common trend with several Macau casinos being owned by Vegas entrepreneurs.

Additionally, this trend also provides for larger casinos than the ones in Vegas which is the case with the MGM Macau. The gaming floor measures almost 300,000 square feet, which can hold many variations of games, which is vitally important considering that they are competing with online casinos like these days, as they have amassed many games, and have the unbeatable advantage of being far more convenient for their gaming customers.

In spite of this, guests can not only gamble at the MGM, but they may also choose to dine in the many restaurants or relax in the bars and lounges, supplying a visitor experience that differentiates it from online gaming.

The Galaxy Casino should be next on your hit list, as its twin towers and six cupolas are a truly decadent sight that symbolizes the spirit of present day Macau. These cupolas are covered in 24 carat gold which creates the appearance of wealth that is transforming this former colony in profound ways.

The Galaxy Casino offers many alternative attractions in addition to casino gambling; for example, visitors can enjoy a diamond show, a laser show or a crystal gallery among many diversions. If guests had to pick one show to see, the laser show is the one, as it is the largest of its kind in the world, and is visible from various places around the city.

Finally, do not leave Macau without checking out Casino Lisboa, as this iconic hall of gambling’s design and age harkens back to a time when Macau was a Portuguese colony. Poker players will want to spend some quality time here, as many lucrative cash games and major tournaments are conducted throughout the calendar year at this landmark casino.

Traveling For The Avid Poker Player

Bloggers almost playing poker by CC user fhwrdh on Flickr

NOTE FROM JAMES: The following is a guest post contributed by Angela Stevens, who has become the first author on this site other than myself in its history.  All views expressed are her own and do necessarily reflect my opinion, nor that of The Pursuit of Excitement.  That said, I am a big fan of poker, so it gives me great pleasure to present the following post to you

Take it away, Angela!
When people think of poker, they usually imagine stone-faced gamblers putting their intuition, skill, and mental training all into play. While poker pros engage their fertile brains by going through every hand and analyzing every beat, their faces are usually the epitome of ice-cold calm – their eyes, in particular, staring holes into the table, their cards, and maybe even their opponents’ eyes.

It certainly doesn’t take a grizzled veteran of the poker tables to recognize that poker is truly a complex mind sport; a deceptively simple, decidedly serious game of skill that requires and demands finely honed mental toughness, resilience, and a fair bit of craftiness. Much like board games such as chess and Go, poker has a devoted international following, thus ensuring a consistently high level of true world-class competition on practically every age group and skill level.

Going all in all over the world

The growing popularity of the World Poker Tour (WPT) circuit in locales as diverse as Morocco, South Korea, and Cyprus coupled with the European, African, and Asia-Pacific expansion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournaments has resulted in an increasingly global talent pool that runs the gamut from serious national contenders to amateur poker players and everything in between.

For the elite, cream-of-the-crop poker pros, this means fantastic opportunities to explore the many wondrous attractions on this planet – before (and after) participating in highly stacked poker tournaments, of course. As one of the most widely recognizable faces and voices in the poker universe, Kara Scott is a stunningly fine example of the constantly jet-setting professional poker player.

In 2013 alone, the peripatetic Partypoker ambassador – who has had memorable stints as an ESPN sideline reporter on WSOP Main Events – played in and/or hosted at numerous poker tournaments all over the world. Some of these include WPT National events in Italy, Cyprus, Prague, Denmark, Austria, and France; interviewing football and poker legends for the Road to Old Trafford event in Manchester and the 44th Annual WSOP in Las Vegas. The brunette Alberta native also hosted the 12th edition of the European Poker Awards in Paris, where she won the Poker Personality of the Year award for 2012.

Poker has even taken on the form of organized adventure-style events aptly called “poker runs”. Participants in these organized events use various forms of transportation, including (but definitely not limited to) snowmobiles, motorcycles, longboards, boats, and mountain bikes.

Solo or group participants must draw a playing card at each of the assigned checkpoints in the official course; the primary goal is to possess the best poker hand at the end of the run.

Clearly, poker is a worldwide sensation that caters to millions of diehard fans across the globe.