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Greetings from Chiang Mai!

Back in Chiang Mai, the digital nomad capital of the world

So … it’s been a while since I’ve updated the Pursuit of Excitement. You probably thought I’d given up on the digital nomad life? Wrong. I spent much of this year working harder than I ever have before, driving my freelance earnings to new heights. While I had to focus hard on that to make that happen, it made me realize how much I miss blogging.

And here we are.

What happened between January and now? I spent more than half a year in my old college town of Fredericton, re-connecting with friends, settling my tax situation (the CRA actually owed ME money … funny that), and restructuring my online banking to make offshore bill payments easy and simple.

Lonely Beach, Koh Chang. Paradise.

With those issues settled and my wanderlust returning, I flew out to Western Canada in October, saw more friends, and then left for Thailand in November. After spending some time in Bangkok and Koh Chang (my favourite Thai island), I’m back in Chiang Mai (whoo hoo!).

Over the next 5 weeks, I look forward to networking and meeting fellow digital nomads, and getting back into the habit of blogging again, along with putting the toe in the pool with regards to other projects (e-books, learning to code, exploring the idea of starting new websites, etc).

Let’s see what happens.

Establishing a home base: somewhere to chill until travel inspiration strikes again

photo by CC user kriztofor on Flickr

Clearly, I’m crazy. At least this is what I’m sure many of my travel blogger friends are thinking about me being in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada this time of year. No mountains, no tropical beaches … what the hell is he thinking?

After 14 months in Latin America (posts on this will be coming to this blog in due time … no seriously, I promise it’s coming!), I’ve reached a point where various aspects of my life have converged all at once, leading me to put a halt to my travels for the time being.

photo by CC user Mortadelo2005 on wikimedia commons

I was fresh out of inspiration

They say that too much of a good thing becomes its opposite. Travel is no different.

After spending more than a year on the road through Latin America (while trying to run a business no less), I was mentally exhausted, and even the thought of going to Thailand wasn’t enough to rouse my spirits.

As wondrous as the world is, I need stationary time in my home country of Canada after being on the road for an extended period.

My 14 month adventure was the longest stretch I’ve ever had away from back bacon, maple syrup and a good ol’ fashioned game of hockey, and by the time I landed at Pearson International Airport at the end of October, I was virtually kissing the ground when I got there.

Not because Buenos Aires (I’ll miss the Choripan) or Mexico City (I’ll miss the tacos el pastor) sucked … far from it.

It’s because I love my country so damn much. After filling up on the aspects that I love about this nation for several months (yes, this even includes Tim Horton’s … love cina raisin bagels!), I’ll eventually read an inspirational travel quotes post or stumble across some pictures of Southeast Asia, and then I’ll be planning my next trip.


photo by CC user Tyler McCulloch on Flickr

I want stronger relationships in my life

It’s true … if you travel perpetually, your relationships, from significant others to family and friends, will suffer.

Over the past five years, I was more than happy to run amok across the world in search of adventure and life fulfillment.

And make no mistake, I’m still all about that as a core life value. However, being in my mid-thirties, I’m now in my prime, which means its the best time to try and find someone special to join me on this wild ride we call life.

The road isn’t the best place to find these bonds, despite what you might think, as everyone you meet is constantly on the way to somewhere else.

My prospects are further thinned by the fact that my dating pool is way shallower than those of others due to the fact that I like dudes instead of gals.

As such, I’m experimenting with trying to find someone in a stable environment that is as inspired and enthusiastic about travel as I am.

This might mean that I might be going on shorter trips in the future (a couple months at the most) in order to make myself more viable to those looking for a long term relationship, but I won’t be restricting myself to two weeks per year either.

As for friends and family, I’ve reconnected with my parents and siblings, met up with pals that I haven’t seen in many years, and plan to link up with even more in the coming months.

Being a digital nomad gives you more than the gift of travel. It also gives you the flexibility to spend time with old friends that mean the world to you, as your inability to meet in the past due to the restrictions of your past career are no longer holding you back.

photo via

The time had come to structure my business & get my financial house in order

When I got into the freelance content creation business, I burst forth onto the scene hustling like a madman, trying to write the best copy I could muster.

My hard work paid off, and won me referrals that allowed me to build the client base that has permitted me the ability to support myself today.

Unfortunately, there are structural aspects to business that simply cannot be ignored, and one of those things are taxes.

I needed to get back to Canada so I could:

(a) pay off back taxes that have accumulated over the past couple of years.

(b) coordinate with smart people locally that could help me build a process that will allow me to deal with my future obligations to Revenue Canada in a much smoother fashion.

(c) begin to pay down other bills that I have been treading water on for a while.

Being here, I can deal with these issues more effectively than being on a tropical island off the coast of Cambodia, so by the time I get the inspiration to take off for a dream destination halfway around the world again, I will be on a stronger financial foundation when that happens.

So, I’m back! Did you miss me? Ask me anything in the comments below!

Working Hard To Live The Dream

Working berry hard to live the dream. Photo by jdhancock on Flickr

So I’ve been conspicuously absent lately … to my dedicated following who has wondering where I went to these past two weeks, apologies! While I am committed to producing an excellent blog that spills the beans on how to enable and live a life of excitement, the enabling part has taken over in the recent few weeks.

In order to fund my playboy lifestyle of wandering exotic parts of the world, I have started up a freelance writing business (got content you need written? Talk to me.) With a little help from my friends in the travel blog community, I’ve inked a number of clients, and in the past couple of months, business has been booming.

While this has been great for the bottom line, it has caused my personal development activities/blog writing to suffer in the short term, which is a balance that I’m looking to redress presently.  As such, I will be doubling my efforts to keep PoE on schedule, to do the things that will improve my life, forward other business ideas that I have, and generally help me to live the dream in a manner that resonates with me.

Even if I post a text blog with a CC image because I’m squeezed for time and I’m in a country where bandwidth flows at the rate it did in 1999 back home (Indonesia)…

Or it could be because I’m downloading the latest episode of the Walking Dead.  Don’t judge … even the busiest of people need a fictional release of the rapid pace of the modern, online world…! 🙂

Are you working in a side hustle/lifestyle business right now? Share your experiences with our audience below!