A Taste Of Home In The Middle Of Korea: MOOSEHEAD!

A refreshing taste of home in the middle of Korea ... ahhh!
Guess what I found in Seoul?

Just a short post today, as I’m writing this from a remote tropical island with creaky internet. When you’re in a foreign country (especially when you are living there full-time), you are constantly surrounded with new things to try and sample.

Sometimes, though, you crave a taste of things you know and love from back home. In Korea, not being a major tourist destination on the level of SE Asia, and only opening up majorly to international influences about a decade ago, it can be hard to find things that you take for granted in the West.

In Seoul, the capital city, it’s easier to find these products, but even I was surprised to find what I found when visiting an international self-serve beer bar … MOOSEHEAD BEER, from my neck of the woods (Atlantic Canada), repping my home nation, among the likes of Guinness, Heineken, Stella, Tiger, etc.

It was truly a nostalgic moment, and I enjoyed downing the ol’ Moose Green just as I had back in my college days (10+ long years ago!)

A full post on my first excursion to Seoul should be on the blog next week, so stay tuned!

Have you made any surprising finds when you were travelling/living overseas? Share your discovery in the comments!

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