Chill Out And Go Rafting In Calgary, Canada Next Summer!

Rafters float down the Elbow River in Calgary, with nary a care in the world… In Calgary, summer is a short season. In a part of the world where snow has fallen on the city in August, a warm day is not wasted, nor taken for granted. With its close proximity to the Canadian Rockies, […]

A Must For Sports Enthusiasts In Calgary: Canada Olympic Park

Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park – a place of celebration of Canada’s first Winter Olympics. 2013 marked the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Games. 25 years ago, Calgary hosted the first Winter Olympic Games in Canadian history. It seems so long ago, when as a seven-year-old, I watched the world’s best athletes compete against each other […]

In Motion: Family Fun At The Calgary Stampede

While there are attractions for people of all ages at the Calgary Stampede, it is a wonderland of excitement for the little people in your life. If you’re a family looking for an ideal place to visit that provides a balance of things that interest adults, as well as your young ones, visiting Calgary during […]

A Day In The Life Of The Calgary Stampede, The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth

Downtown Calgary as viewed from the Elbow River, in the SW neighbourhood of Mission. Located near the Stampede Grounds, this part of town, along with Downtown and the Beltline, are ground zero for folks partaking and celebrating the Calgary Stampede. For tourists visiting Alberta from outside Canada, when Calgary is mentioned, the first thing that […]

Isolation In The Midst Of A Big City: Nose Hill Park, Calgary, Canada

An entrance to Nose Hill Park in Calgary, Canada, accessible off John Laurie Blvd. After travelling Southeast Asia a second time in the winter of 2012, I decided to settle down in the Canadian city of Calgary, Alberta for a while. My motivations were twofold. One, to spend some quality time with my sister’s family, […]

Photo: The Calgary Skyline, As Viewed From Scotchman’s Hill

Downtown Calgary, as viewed from Scotchman’s Hill More Philippines will be coming on the blog later this week, but first, let’s pay homage to the city I’m about to leave in 3 1/2 weeks. Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, home of the 10 day Calgary Stampede (one of Canada’s best known festivals), and one […]

My First Full Year As A Digital Nomad: 2014 In Pictures

image credit: photo by CC user 70626035@N00 on Flickr Well, we’re halfway through January, but with all the freelance work I’ve been bashing my way through, this year in review had to wait for awhile.  In many ways, 2014 was defined by the growth of my mobile business, which caused this blog to be neglected […]

Start Here

While I began publishing this version of the Pursuit of Excitement back in April 2012, it has existed for far longer than that. Check out the humble beginnings of PoE on here. Countries I have visited/lived in, in order of their appearance in my life: Canada, United States, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, […]

Because I Was Bored: My Epic Jasper Ski Trip

In order to have the time to lay out and execute my plan to teach ESL in South Korea, I determined that I needed to quit my job to give myself the breathing space required to satisfy the myriad of steps to secure a Korean work visa and with it, a job. However, during the […]