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Photo: Inside The Grand Palace, Bangkok Thailand

Optimized-poe_grapalbanthaGrand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

Generally speaking, temples, ruins, and other architectural attractions don’t really peak my interest while I am travelling. Usually, I tend to be drawn towards natural attractions, like mountains, beaches, hiking trails, and so forth.

However, some human heritage sites are just so spectacular and breathtaking in their scale, that they cry out to be explored. The Grand Palace in Bangkok Thailand is one such place. Scores of ornately designed buildings, plotted out in the Buddhist tradition, capture your imagination. The spires, pagodas, and Buddha statues are decorated in brass, gold leaf, and flecks of mirror-like glass, testaments to the wealth and creativity of the Kingdom of Siam.

At 500 baht ($16.50 USD), the entry fee is steep, but if you are a fan of Thai design, it is well worth the money!

Photo: Ocean Swells Batter The Coast, Nova Scotia Canada

Optimized-hpim0416Storm driven surf batters the coast near Grand Etang, Nova Scotia, Canada

Recently, I’ve seen a number of posts on my home province of Nova Scotia Canada, and I can’t help but add to the buzz surrounding my deeply beautiful yet forgotten about province. While the Canadian Rockies, the BC mountains, and the urban superstars of Central Canada suck up all the attention of travel professionals, Nova Scotia, and her Atlantic siblings – New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, show their subtle yet seductive beauty to the trickle of visitors that cross the imaginary line where many people assume Canada has ended and a no man’s land of nothingness exists.

The pic above is of Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, at her feistiest, when the winds are up, and waves are crashing on her shores. Bring yer rain gear – an umbrella will be torn to ribbons in the strong, gusty gales – and brave the possibility of occasional downpours to experience Cape Breton Island as it was meant to be experienced – not just in her perfect moments, but in her raw, edgier moods. It is in these moments during trips where memories that last a lifetime are formed…!