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Zero Hour: Flying To Korea To Teach ESL … Hurrah!

IMG_0214The starting point of my latest journey – the best city on the face of the Earth, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The trip – another 12 hour long haul across the big blue Pacific to South Korea. the mission: Teach the English to overeager Korean youngsters. Game on.

After sorting through reams of paperwork, spending hundreds of dollars, and struggling at times to occupy myself during three months of funemployment in Calgary, Canada, I was on the eve of taking off to tackle the next big adventure in my life. In the next few days, I was due to hop in a plane, head to South Korea (seemingly on the brink of nuclear war at the time of my departure, lol!) and teach English as a second language for one year.

I had just finished spending one year back in my native Canadia, reconnecting with family and attempting to pay off some debt, while figuring out where to steer my ship next. The prior is a story for another post, but suffice to say, the words of my traveling mates, urging me give teaching ESL in Korea a chance, came echoing back somewhere around November 2012. This, plus my discovery of, an excellent website focused on Korean music and culture, tilted my bow in the direction of the Far East once again!

This brings us to the day of my departure as I commenced flying to Korea … travel with me as I leave the comforts of home once again for the great wide open…!

Optimized-IMG_0345The giant fish tank in the international departures area of the Vancouver Airport provides an appropriate send-off for Yours Truly. Quick, let’s make our way back to our gate, only five minutes till boarding call!

Optimized-IMG_0355The Coast Mountains of Vancouver Island comprise the last speck of land that represents Canada on this flight. Judging from the epicness of the scene below, I will have to check’er out next time I’m home for an extended period!

Optimized-IMG_0358Air Canada airline food: vastly improved from the last time I ate with them. Not only was it edible, it was flavourful and very filling. Great job guys!

After an disorientating 12 hour flight across the vast expanse of the Pacific, I was greeted by a guy who thought I was his guy and who I thought was my contact. Two elevator rides and a five minute wait in the backseat of a cab in a parking garage later, we both realized our mistake and hottailed it back for the arrivals area 😛

Here, I met my contact for ESL Partner, my recruiting agency, who welcomed to the country and walked me through the process of buying my bus ticket to Asan City, 2 hours and 45 minutes away (a good hour and a half south of Seoul). After a few mis-communications, I had my ticket in hand. After spending an hour watching a tape delay MLB game (the LA Dodgers, who have brought over Hyun-Jin Ryu, an outstanding pitcher from Korea, was the prime attraction), I was on the bus and off to Asan City…!


Optimized-IMG_0380My room in Baebang (not in Asan city as I had previously thought!), after a deep, prolonged sleep. It would have been more prolonged, but I was expected at the school for orientation the following morning!

Have a great (better than mine?!) headed to Korea for the first time tale to tell? Share it below!