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In Motion: My Korean Apartment Tour – Live From Baebang, South Korea!

My Korean kitchen ... cosy, but many tasty meals were made here!

Hey guise! Sorry for the silence over the past month or so. With the major adjustments that come with moving overseas and working as an ESL teacher, I have struggled with falling back into a routine with respect to online work.

Now that things seem to be falling into place, I will getting back on the horse, which means finishing the Philippines, the start of posts on South Korea, as well as a variety of new content related to outdoor adventure and excitement in general.

Today’s post is my entry into the vast trove of Korean apartment videos. I had fears of moving into a rickety tar paper shack. Thankfully, South Korea is a first world, super modern country, and those fears are largely unfounded. A few holes owned by shady Hagwon owners do exist, but they are in the minority.

Check out my Korean apartment tour below, and enjoy!